2020 Annual Conference

Sponsorship Registration/Payment

Marriott Hotel

5580 Tech Center Drive

Colorado Springs, CO 80919

October 13, 2020

Sponsorship Registration/Payment
1. Notify Kathy Orr at kathy.orr@peacefulhouseholds.org of your sponsorship selection. Include in your email:
    a. Name of your organization
    b. Contact person from your organization (name, phone/email)
    c. Desired sponsorship level
    d. If applicable, identify individuals that will attend the conference under the sponsorship plan (all individuals paid for under a
        sponsorship must still register for the conference)
    e. Attach the logo of your company to be displayed on the Peaceful Households website.
    f.  Note your payment option (credit/check)
After sending your email registration you can submit payment as follows.
1. Credit card/debit card/PayPal use the button below.
2. Make check out to Peaceful Households and send to:
    Peaceful Households
    P.O. Box 62684
    Colorado Springs, CO 80962 USA

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