Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE): Master Training Course

Become an ACE Master Trainer for your Organization!

This two-day training course enables individuals to advance their Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) education and trauma informed practices by becoming ACE Master Trainers. The course uses proprietary materials, instruction and insight from Peaceful Households with curriculum based on nationally recognized research and the latest best practices. Upon completion, participants will earn ACE Master Trainer status and receive a two-year endorsement from Peaceful Households to supply ACE education using the materials provided.

Curriculum Overview:

  • Build knowledge and improve the skills of participants related to the biological, health, and social impacts of ACEs as well as the promise of prevention and collective action to enhance accommodation and resilience

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​ACE Master Training is scheduled based on minimum class size requirements. Please contact us if you are interested in attending our next ACE Master Training and we will notify you once the training is scheduled.

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  • Provide real-world examples and benefits of applying ACEs within agencies, private organizations and one's personal life

  • Prepare participants to deliver presentations and content that inspire, engage, and motivate powerful action by diverse audiences.

  • Increase Understanding of Resilience and Trauma Informed Practices using the understanding of brain science to support resilience and programs that support child, families and adult.

Deliverables for this Course:

  • Instruction and proprietary materials developed by Kathy Orr, Executive director of Peaceful Households. Kathy has successfully trained thousands of individuals on ACEs since 2015

  • Best practices for positioning, organizing and delivering ACE Education

  • ACE Master Training Certificate of Completion for the individual attendee

Materials are structured with a core set of slides and modules that speakers can mix and match to suit audience interests and time available.


The ACE Master Training program is a great way to provide education related to the effects of childhood adversity and trauma informed practices. Research shows communities and organizations using trauma informed practices are reporting significant benefits related to staff and client satisfaction and program outcomes.


A Peaceful Households ACE Master Trainer is authorized to educate others on ACEs and trauma using Peaceful Households proprietary materials. Under no circumstances is the ACE Master Trainer authorized to let other individuals use the ACE Master Training materials nor is the ACE Master Trainer allowed to transfer the rights to the materials to another  individual or organization.

A refresher course is required every two years for individuals to maintain the Peaceful Households ACE Master Trainer status and continue use of proprietary materials.

Peaceful Households periodically updates training materials based on the most recent research, best practices, data and experiences.  These materials are made available to ACE Master Trainers either through refresher courses or as downloads as they become available. All updated materials and refresher courses are available for a fee and are not included in the cost of the initial training course.

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