Childhood Trauma and Adversity

Trainer Program

For those with a desire to become a trainer


are simply interested in advancing their understanding


This live online training course is designed to prepare individuals to train others on trauma and childhood adversity. The course will develop and enhance your foundational understanding of childhood adversity and the impact it has on brain development, epigenetics, and physical and mental health. We will present the Adverse Childhood Experience Study (ACES), define trauma, resilience, trauma-informed practices and share a common language that supports all teachings.

The training is designed to provide you with the tools and knowledge to present this critical information in a manner that is readily understood by the community, business leaders, policy makers, and professionals.

The instruction and training materials, developed and provided to you by Peaceful Households will give you the necessary tools to create presentations with the flexibility to meet the needs of your audience.

Upon completion of the three-session course you will received a copy of the training power point, references and a certificate of completion of the Childhood Trauma and Adversity Trainer Instructional Course.

Training Overview:

  • Three live online sessions of 3 hours each over a three day period. (Not an on demand training)

  • Individuals are required to attend all three sessions in order to receive their certificate of training.

  • Overview of stress neurobiology and life course model for ACEs.

  • Impact of ACEs and the relationship between ACEs and long term health/mental health and social well-being.

  • Trauma definition and how ACEs fits in this definition.

  • Definition of resilience and how it can buffer the effects of trauma.

  • Impact of trauma on individuals and societies.

  • Generational effects of trauma.

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​May 17, 18 and 19, 2021



Three sessions of three hours each over three days.

5 Star Education


Of attendees that rate this course, over 95% award us 5 stars.

Deliverables for this Course:

  • Instruction and training materials* developed by Kathy Orr, Executive Director of Peaceful Households.

  • Best practices for positioning, organizing and delivering trauma and ACE education.

  • Certificate of completion for the Childhood Trauma and Adversity Trainer Program for individuals that attend all three sessions.

*Training materials provided by Peaceful Households are proprietary to Peaceful Households. Only those individuals that complete this training are authorized to use the materials to educate others. Under no circumstances are authorized users allowed to let other individuals use the proprietary materials nor transfer the rights of the materials to other individuals or organizations.

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