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Childhood Trauma and Adversity
Trainer Program

For those with a desire to become a trainer or to simply advance their knowledge


This course from Peaceful Households prepares individuals to educate others on childhood trauma and adversity. It incorporates the science, research, resources, and teachings of numerous experts and organizations worldwide. In addition, it examines the widely reported increase in child dysregulation attributed to technology, social isolation, and the pandemic. After all, one cannot address trauma without considering the interruption of a child’s social connections and the safety and predictability of their environment.


We provide attendees with the tools and interactive discussion necessary to present this information in a manner readily understood by diverse audiences.



·Foundational Teachings

  • Trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

  • A common language for all teachings

  • Relationship between trauma/ACEs and the long-term impact on social, economic, mental, and physical health

  • The generational impact of trauma

  • Impact of trauma, the pandemic, and technology on executive function

  • Relational health

Post-Pandemic Trends and Observations

  • Increased dysregulation from technology overuse and social isolation

·Application of Foundational Teachings

  • Recognizing and responding to Childhood Trauma and Adversity in real-world environments (home, work, family & child services, early childhood,    child advocacy, education K-12, foster care, juvenile justice, and more)

  • Trauma-informed practices

  • Relationships

  • Self-regulation, co-regulation



  • Advanced instruction and training materials developed by Peaceful Households*

  • ·PowerPoint training slides - complete with notes - for educating others*

  • Over 75 references from leading experts and institutions for trainers to cite and research for their teachings

  • A unique platform to network and learn from a diverse group of professionals from across the nation.

  • Certificate of Training Completion for those that attend all sessions


Course Evaluations

Quality of Content


Overall Quality


Recommend to Others



“I love this course. I learned so much from it, even though it was virtual Kathy presented it so well that I didn't feel like I missed anything.”


“Kathy - You are a fantastic trainer. I am so thankful for having found this course! The training materials are perfectly suited for our internal agency staff training needs. We have service sites all over the state. We are open to training external audiences, as well, as the opportunities arise. THANK YOU THANK YOU for the wonderfully-dosed, research-based, down-to-earth delivery of this important content!”


“Kathy is a wealth of knowledge and provided the material in a manner that can easily be shared with various audiences. Additionally, Kathy was a fantastic trainer, and I thoroughly enjoyed the space she created and the many resources she shared!”


“I really liked that Kathy encouraged us to use our own voices and add our information and personalities to bring authenticity to the training!  Kathy's material was extremely well put together and documented and provides excellent information."


“Thank you for providing what can be quite intimidating information in an approachable and bite-size-pieces manner. Kathy is wise and relatable. Worth every minute!”


“Not only does Kathy have in-depth knowledge regarding ACEs, but she also provides insightful, compassionate training that encourages participants to share from within their own fields of experience. I highly recommend the Peaceful Households courses!”


“This course was incredible. It presented all of the material in a way that was easy to comprehend, and Kathy gave excellent pointers for us as trainers to be able to give out the information.”


 “Kathy is a strong presenter who brings many talents to the table. She guided the discussions well, allowed some productive tangents, and followed the lead of her group to meet their needs. She is also very open and offers to help us implement what we have learned. So much amazing material, I can't wait to teach it to others!”


 “The material is excellent, helped me understand more in depth of what the meaning is and what is all involved in understanding the ACES, how i can use it to better advocate for children.”


 “I enjoyed the pace of the course and how it was presented to the group. I learned so much more on ACES and how to use it in the future.”


 “This was a great training. Mrs. Orr made sure we learned through discussion and practicing our presentations. The training was a small class which was quaint and I learned a lot from each person. Thank you again Mrs. Orr.”


 “Kathy, I can't thank you enough for such a wonderful course and presentation. I thoroughly enjoyed spending this time with you, and look forward to sharing with you in the future.”


 “Definitely will recommend.” 


“I loved this training, the resources shared, the opportunity for interaction, and also the opportunity to show our learning. Thank you!”

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