Community and Organization

Education Programs

Peaceful Households helps organizations deliver on programs that require scalable education on childhood trauma and adversity across entire communities, entities and segmented populations..

Programs driven by grants and other special funding normally target a single geographic area or audience. Such initiatives often require the hiring and training of staff, development of training materials, excessive administrative overhead and infrastructure expansion. The critical mass of the audience and the life of the program can make it cost prohibitive to deliver and sustain services of this nature. In addition, it often leads to less than optimal results.

Quicker - Fraction of the Cost - Optimal Results!

Peaceful Households provides the infrastructure and quality instruction necessary to launch education programs faster, at a fraction of the cost and with great results.

How Do We Do This?

We provide:

  • Professional/highly trained Instructors

  • Prepackaged (but customizable) presentation materials

  • Capacity to offer more than one type of training

  • Online event registration

  • Online course evaluations

  • Event reporting (registration, attendance, evaluation, etc.)

  • Promotion via website & email marketing

  • Only pay for services provided

Whether you are in the planning phase or immersed in a a deployment, contact us to help you deliver Childhood Trauma and Adversity education to your community or organization.