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Domestic Violence, Coercive Control
and the Traumatic Effects
on Children and Adults

For Family Court Personnel & Attorneys
Also aligns to the education requirements of Colorado House Bill 21-1228

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Domestic violence and coercive control have a deep and lasting impact on children, families and communities. This training will explore the dynamics of these events and tactics and the traumatic effects it has on those involved. It will give court personnel and other family service professionals the tools to better understand an individual's trauma and respond to their immediate and future needs.


  • Domestic violence and other forms of coercive control within family and community systems

  • Neurobiology of trauma

  • Traumatic effects on the emotional, physical and mental growth of the survivor

  • Resiliency factors encouraged through positive, trauma-informed interventions


Format: Live, online course.

Duration: 6 Hours

Who Should Attend: Ideal for CFI's, GAL's, judges, magistrates, mediators,  attorneys, and others working in the judicial system with families and children.

Certificate of Training: Yes 

Instructor: Jessica Mars, LCSW


Contact us to arrange on-site or online training for your staff. The course can be modified to meet the specific needs of your audience.

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