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Professional Learning Series (PLS)


Early Childhood


Designed specifically for early childhood providers, this course explores how a child’s early experiences, both positive and negative, impacts early brain development and life outcomes. This four part series helps caregivers better understand how childhood adversity can affect their own interaction with children, families and co-workers.

The curriculum examines the Adverse Childhood Experience Study (ACEs) and the broader context of trauma. It addresses how these early experiences impact neurodevelopment and what this means in the early childhood classroom, secondary trauma and self-care. Additionally, it provides the foundational understanding of social emotional learning and classroom strategies.

Course Overview (Series of four live online sessions of two hours each)

1. Foundational Trauma/ACE education: Including neurobiology and epigenetics.

2. Effects of stress: Personal, professional and self-care. 

3. Behaviors and stress: Classroom strategies including safe environments.  

4. Trauma Informed Approach: What the past and current social conditions mean in the classroom.


Format: Live, online course

Duration: Four sessions of two hours each

Prerequisite: None

Who Should Attend: Individuals working in Early Childhood, regardless of role..

Certificate of Training: Yes


Contact us to arrange on-site or online training for your staff. The course can be modified to meet the specific needs of your audience.

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