Professional Learning Series (PLS)


Educators (K-12)

This six hour training explores how a child’s early experiences, both positive and negative, impact early brain development and life outcomes. The curriculum provides a deeper understanding of the interaction between trauma and brain architecture enabling educators to explore the affects on a child and others who interact with them. The instructors of this training will provide evidence-based research and strategies to assist educators in their journey towards becoming trauma responsive and safe adults for all students.  Many of the teachings in this interactive class are based on the works of trauma experts Dr. Bruce Perry, Dr. Robert Anda, Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, Dr. E. Tronick, Dr. Daniel Siegel and educational experts Heather Forbes, LCSW, and Jim Sporleder.


Course Overview

  • Definition of trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

  • Types of trauma

  • Underscore the significant findings of the ACE study

  • Impact on the brain / developmental domains

  • Stress response 

  • Sequence of engagement (Regulate-Relate-Reason) 

  • Self-awareness

    • Red flags of stress

    • Triggers

  • Communication skills

    • Assertive communication

  • Co-regulation and Relating Strategies  

    • Trauma language

    • Relationships

    • Safety

    • Discipline 

Instructor: Kathy Orr, Executive Director at Peaceful Households

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