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Coronavirus Update

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak we have moved our annual conference to October 13, 2020. Registrations for this event are transferable but nonrefundable.

We are also exploring the possibility of offering master training courses via an E-learning environment.

Our Mission:

To improve the health, social-emotional and economic outcomes for

children and families by providing the foundation, leadership and education to build and sustain a trauma responsive community.


Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)



Based on neuroscience research, ACEs is the foundational first step to understanding childhood adversity and becoming trauma informed.

Peaceful Households is the preeminent leader in ACE education having trained over 3000 people since 2015.

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ACE Master Training



Nearly 100 individuals have received ACE master training through Peaceful Households. We offer advanced ACE training to those that wish to leverage the curriculum and benefits within their organization and profession.

2020 Annual Conference

Childhood Trauma: Prevention & Healing

Peaceful Households brings together prominent and thought provoking local, national and international experts each year in Colorado Springs.   Known for its quality content and exceptional speakers it routinely draws over 200 diverse professionals from throughout the state and region.

Professional Learning Series

for Early Childhood Providers

Explores how a child’s early experiences, both positive and negative, impacts early brain development and life outcomes. Designed specifically for Early Childhood providers, this series helps caregivers better understand ACEs, Trauma and respond to children and their unique circumstances.

Trauma Informed Workshops


Peaceful Households offers a wide range of education opportunities on trauma and trauma informed practices tailored to specific audiences. We are accustomed to working with schools, healthcare providers, mental health professionals, parents, caseworkers and other community organizations working with children and families.

Leadership & Partners

Peaceful Households believes that true community partnerships are the only way to effectively influence the well being of our children and families. We take a multi-disciplinary approach and work with organizations in both the private and public sectors to encourage continuity that leads to positive, sustainable outcomes in everything we do.

Trauma Informed Solutions


Peaceful Households provides consulting and advisory services  to organizations interested in establishing sustainable trauma informed practices for their employees, partners and clientele.

As a not-for-profit organization we rely on grants and contributions to fulfill our mission of fostering trauma informed communities, child abuse and neglect prevention. Your donations are sincerely appreciated and will be used in a responsible fashion.

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