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Regulation and Relationships: Impact of Trauma, Technology, and Isolation

For those witnessing elevated levels of dysregulation among our children


Kathy Orr, Executive Director

Peaceful Households

Date & Time:

August 15, 2023 (11 AM - 12PM ET)


Live On-Line Training


60 Minutes

Certificate of Attendance:


Professionals from every discipline note a dramatic increase in children struggling with regulation and its impediment to their academic success, health, and social well-being. It’s reflected in many ways, particularly in the rising number of children referred for additional support by healthcare providers and schools. Trauma is a well-known contributor, but the interruption of social connections, loss of safety, and increased use of technology also play a significant role. Join us in this introductory class to learn about the issues arising from this post-pandemic phenomenon and their interrelationships.


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Spring Special 

25% Off

Childhood Trauma and Adversity Trainer Program

Become a trainer for your organization!


Preparing Trauma Trainers since 2015


Kathy Orr, Executive Director Peaceful Households

Date & Time:

May 7, 8, 9, 2024 from 12 PM to 3 PM ET


Live On-Line Training


9 Hours (3 days of 3 hours each)

Certificate of Attendance:


This course from Peaceful Households prepares individuals to educate others on childhood trauma and adversity. It incorporates the science, research, resources, and teachings of numerous experts and organizations worldwide. In addition, it examines the widely reported increase in child dysregulation attributed to technology, social isolation, and the pandemic. After all, one cannot address trauma without considering the interruption of a child’s social connections and the safety and predictability of their environment.


We provide attendees with the tools and interactive discussion necessary to present this information in a manner readily understood by diverse audiences.



·Foundational Teachings

  • Trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

  • A common language for all teachings

  • Relationship between trauma/ACEs and the long-term impact on social, economic, mental, and physical health

  • The generational impact of trauma

  • Impact of trauma, the pandemic, and technology on executive function

  • Relational health

Post-Pandemic Trends and Observations

  • Increased dysregulation from technology overuse and social isolation

·Application of Foundational Teachings

  • Recognizing and responding to Childhood Trauma and Adversity in real-world environments (home, work, family & child services, early childhood,    child advocacy, education K-12, foster care, juvenile justice, and more)

  • Trauma-informed practices

  • Relationships

  • Self-regulation, co-regulation



  • Advanced instruction and training materials developed by Peaceful Households*

  • PowerPoint training slides - complete with notes - for educating others*

  • Over 75 references from leading experts and institutions for trainers to cite and research for their teachings

  • A unique platform to network and learn from a diverse group of professionals from across the nation.

  • Certificate of Training Completion for those that attend all sessions


$149 per person

Registration Closed

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*Training materials provided by Peaceful Households are proprietary to Peaceful Households. Only those individuals that complete this training (authorized user) are approved to use the materials to educate others. Under no circumstances are authorized users allowed to let other individuals or organizations use the copyright materials nor transfer the rights to them. This includes but is not limited to copying, printing, videotaping and duplicating the materials for distribution to non-authorized parties in any way.

Customized Education and Curriculum for Your Organization

Training 3.JPG

Peaceful Households specializes in training, creating curriculums, and sharing strategies for organizations of all sizes in childhood trauma and adversity - including post-pandemic effects, and the interrelationships with technology overuse and escalation in child dysregulation.

With ten years of experience, our innovative workshops and practical teachings are founded on science, extensive industry research, and the experiences of practitioners from countless disciplines. Perhaps best


of all, our dynamic learning environment translates the complex into meaningful and sustainable trauma-informed practices for individuals, your entity, and your community.


We help professionals meet training requirements driven by the needs of children and families, mandates, staff onboarding, the desire for personal growth, and career development. Many of our clients represent family service organizations, education, healthcare, juvenile justice, social work, family courts, foster care, and more.

Contact us today to see how we can help you achieve your organizational goals.

Over 5000

people trained

Quality Education

at affordable prices


Over 90% of attendees that rate our courses award us 5 stars.

As a not-for-profit organization, Peaceful Households relies on grants, contributions, and partners to fulfill our mission of fostering trauma-informed communities, and child abuse, and neglect prevention. Your donations are sincerely appreciated and will be used in a responsible fashion.
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